A Continuing Continuation of What I Had Intended to Contine With

In starting this blog I had intended to talk about the here and now.  What my life is about, the constantly strange occurrences and nuances of everyday life in the world of a… Continue reading

If It Doesn’t Make you Laugh I’ll Send You A Fiver

How I, This, It Began. The Beginning if you will…

After completing a degree in the frozen, greyness of granite spattered Aberdeen it became depressingly obvious that I had failed to think about…well pretty much anything.  Naturally this was a little disappointing.  I picked… Continue reading

Pig Post

Since I can remember I have had a fascination with pigs.  Snuffily little ones, huge boor ones, misshapen spotty ones.  I can’t tell you why, so don’t ask.  Could be the orgasmic link between their… Continue reading

Phlegm, The Bloggess and a PC screen covered in green…

Today my face is full of green, gungey stuff and I have the energy of Rosanne after a truckload of mashed potatoes (anyone else for self-imposed tattie lethargy?) so it will be short and… Continue reading

Bro Watch

He insists on jumping out of planes and scaring me half to death – but here we are, the fruits of his craziness: One day perhaps I will join him.  I like the… Continue reading

Sweet Wars

  Ha, in your snout Percy Pig there is a new confectionary in town and he is not going to roll over easily.  Percy has sauntered around the Longchamps bags, private school lunchboxes and designer… Continue reading

Man and Baby

What is with the lunar appeal of men with children? I don’t mean men who have children, I mean the sight of a man pushing a buggy or a little girl sitting on… Continue reading

Attic Raking, Cookie Baking

To attic rake or cookie bake? Enough of the friggin riddles.  It is hard to jump out of your mind.  It is hard to jump out of my mind but the real problem… Continue reading

Pressed Tomato Juice Tastes Like Crap

It is not so much that the tomato juice tastes like crap.  Or indeed that most people don’t like tomato juice (Bloody Mary Bandits aside).  It doesn’t even bother me that all the other… Continue reading