A Turkish Goat

  My spreadsheet for bill dates, bank account passwords, insurance renewals and what if’s went down similarly well.  He thought I was over doing it, panicking even.  I just wanted to feel like… Continue reading

The Unthinkable

There’s never a good time for the amputee chat. My friend’s sister went out with a Marine. They looked up his prosthetics before they went. But she’s a doctor, I’m not really sure… Continue reading

Really Going

  Six months later the car pullsout of the very normal street. It’s still light as the summer nights are just beginning to take hold. The tenements are allowing the evening sun to… Continue reading

Being left behind

The romantic, majestic shrubbery of the Western Argyll coastline slid into a more acceptable winding blurry greenery of generic countryside. The radio crackled, desperately trying to cling onto a voice, a note, an… Continue reading

Falling Birds

They dropped almost simultaneously out of the sky and lay there, tiny little dead bodies. Upon inspection they were covered in blood. Upon further inspection there were little holes in their bodies. Upon… Continue reading

Did al’Qaeda Blow Up A Brain Cell As Well?

Speculation surrounding a blast in a forest near the small village of Gartocharn, Loch Lomond has gone haywire. Reports directly after the incident used more column space hushing up pointless conjecture than building… Continue reading

NCTJ Spells…Novices Climb Trees to Juggle (hippos)

Which, if you are doing the distance learning course, is what you should have more productively been doing than stressing over the next-to-nothing, depth-less, course material provided.  I am not going to harp… Continue reading

A City to Love and Rarely Leave

For those from 20sb, to cement the love: Dunbar’s Close – Hidden Gem The festival is all but upon us, the tourists ARE upon us and wandering around the city holds less of… Continue reading

Greatest Monthly Turnoff

The chill of November makes one glad to have an even greater excuse to dive under the duvet and conjure up some artificial steam. September is altogether a little dreary but there is the… Continue reading

Bangers and Bleuh.

If there is ever a time to celebrate UK food history it is with the Sausage and thanks be to Sausage Week in Blighty we can do just that. I have but one… Continue reading