That Moment.

Image courtesy of Okinawa Soba

Sometimes it hits you when you least expect it.  There is a trigger; something small and seemingly insignificant but one which strikes something inside.  Lifts it, tilts, it scrambles it, changes it in some way that forces an intense shot of emotion through your body. My body.  More often than not it means a cascade of stingy salty tears.  Currently meandering their way into the crevasses of skin that a mixture of crisp autumnal air and dry, central heating have ruffled up.  It makes me think, ponder and consider things that don’t normally occur on a Friday afternoon.  What do I want and where do I want to be?  I try to ease the emotional upheaval by indulging in the greatest of luxuries – the fantasy life.  Allowing myself to travel to another world in which all my whims and desires are satisfied. Where words like delectable, delicious, luscious and blissful become the clouds you live by.  I leave myself wondering if I will ever make it happen, what will it take to make me go there.  A hanging thought.