A Gem.

T86 courtesy of .Brooke.Anderson.

“I’ve found a deal.” She called later from the Computer Room.  It has it’s own name because originally it was the most noteworthy thing in it.  Traditionally perhaps ‘Library’ or ‘Study’, maybe even ‘Office’. Now home of the computer and paper clips, sometimes an elastic band.

A deal for a wee hotel stay it was.  You see these little weekends away with the Mother have become something of a tradition while He’s away.  Unspoken tradition but she knew what needed to be done, as Mother’s do.  Easy fun.

I liked the idea of getting away, the flat was eating me up.  At every turn there was an annoyance, a frustration, a story I wanted to tell.  Dinner, reading, swimming and idle chit chat was exactly what I needed and it became my little precious gem.  I kept the idea in my pocket and brought it out when looking too far into the distance became cavernous and fearsome.  It sparkled for me when I was sad and I was grateful for it when claustrophobia crept up my spine.