A Turkish Goat


Guardian Goat

My spreadsheet for bill dates, bank account passwords, insurance renewals and what if’s went down similarly well.  He thought I was over doing it, panicking even.  I just wanted to feel like we had some part of it.  Which only really came to a head when I asked for the number to Afghanistan.  Then we laughed.  Briefly.  Sweetly…and positively unlike the film-like moment where you look into each others’ eyes and realise it’s going to be ok.  Just a fleeting giggle before he packed the car and I frantically tried to print off some noteworthy pictures of a goat from our recent foray into the Turkish countryside.  I gave it a name and massaged the idea into one of guardian angel.  He smiled although I couldn’t see past it.  I also gave him the first series of The Good Life.