A City to Love and Rarely Leave

For those from 20sb, to cement the love:

Dunbar’s Close – Hidden Gem

Image courtesy of EdinFilmFocus

The festival is all but upon us, the tourists ARE upon us and wandering around the city holds less of the contemplative leisure that it did a couple of months ago. Luckily, Edinburgh’s ability to whisper secrets every so often provides some welcome respite from the persistent Old Town crowds. Dunbar’s Close is more than a well kept secret, it is a hidden sanctuary tucked away down an unassuming alley off the Royal Mile. Stepping from the well trodden Canongate slabs into a bubble of 17th century manicured gardens, Dunbar’s close quite literally closes around you. Traditional stone benches linger around the park inviting you in to quietly revel in the well kept, secluded atmosphere. Designed by Sir Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932) the garden was supposed to be one of many, winding through the city. It was thankfully saved from disrepair by landscape architect Seamus Filor in 1978. Adding to the appeal of the garden is the rare view it allows of Calton Hill, unseen from any other spot. Sitting in solitary dismay it is easy to wonder if you are the only person to have sneaked through the portal of time. Until of course, you glance around silently acknowledging the other city disciples and Auld Reekie aficionados seeking a moment of city peace.

Published Edinburgh Evening News 23rd July 2010