A Continuing Continuation of What I Had Intended to Contine With

In starting this blog I had intended to talk about the here and now.  What my life is about, the constantly strange occurrences and nuances of everyday life in the world of a wannabe Word Slinger.  So far, I haven’t gotten very far. 

I did the whole, ‘this is the beginning thing’, and since then have spent so much of my time trying to learn the friggin, froggon flipped out, eye streamingly dull concept of Teeline Shorthand that the blog has become nothing but a floating collection of random (not in the good way) tit bits of my mind.  This does not live up to my own expectations or the expectations of the millions of people I pretend are interested in me and any Slinging I choose to do.  I know of three REAL people, hey Brother, Cap’n and Home Aboders – your devotion and silent applause is enough for anyone to throw in the towel. 

So I figured there must be an easier way to get to the point I am trying to get to…is anyone still with me?  If you could leave a simple yes or no in the comments box it would make my celebratory wine a lot more worthwhile.

Right so to recap The Word Slinger:

  1. Left Granite City, broke, lost, chilled and with an acceptance of general drug abuse you can only obtain from frequent run ins with Aberdonian junkies.

and in between then and now, I have set my heart on weeding out stories and throwing them across pages. 

So in between now and the forseeable future I will be filling in the gaps.

Tomorrow Hitting The Philippines.