Pig Post

Since I can remember I have had a fascination with pigs.  Snuffily little ones, huge boor ones, misshapen spotty ones.  I can’t tell you why, so don’t ask.  Could be the orgasmic link between their rumoured ability to enjoy a sexual peak for an inordinate length of time and my own love of the good times.  It could be the pink-ness.  In all honesty it could be a lot of things.  All I know is I love them and quite frankly I wish someone would put me in a bucket with an inflatable pillow and warm me up.  So you now must love them too.  Fun pig post to get me through the wine/jager/beer hangover that has threatened the majority of my Saturday.

If you strongly dislike the warm and fuzziness of this pig porn, perhaps you will enjoy this a little more:

Pig Love - Look Long and Hard

image courtesy of Tabloid Prodigy

Self confessed Pig Indulgence.  Love it.