Phlegm, The Bloggess and a PC screen covered in green…

Today my face is full of green, gungey stuff and I have the energy of Rosanne after a truckload of mashed potatoes (anyone else for self-imposed tattie lethargy?) so it will be short and ever so sweet.

What I will be using to colour the rest of my house tomorrow

In perusing other blogs, as I hear is what we do down on blogger street, I came across The Bloggess. She allowed a smear of amusement to penetrate the goo with one simple phrase – ‘douche-canoe’.

To The Bloggess: “Thank you for enlightening my day and adding an extraordinarily underused phrase to my vocab.”

Now, to blow my nose, ease into a bath and have an early night or crack open the ‘sympathy’ vodka?