Sweet Wars

Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs

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Ha, in your snout Percy Pig there is a new confectionary in town and he is not going to roll over easily.  Percy has sauntered around the Longchamps bags, private school lunchboxes and designer cupboards for too long.  Content with his trotterific hold on the market he even got balshy enough to switch his style, less spongey bit more gooey bit.  Then he brought along his friends and made himself perfectly at home in the snooty aisles of M&S.  Vogue tickled his belly and marathon runners invite him round for Christmas dinner.   

What an arrogant little edible pig.  

But alas, St Michael and Pig faced Percy, your time has come.  Your bacon is up and your ridiculously moreish mouth pleaser’s have been challenged.  There is an Elephant in the room and his name is Eric.  Conceptually identical to Percy, Eric is a wonderfully squishy Elephant.  He also has a host of safari friends to follow him around similar to Percy’s posse of farmyard giants.  With his giant elbows in came Eric. Eric the ruddy good Elephant. A fraction of the price of Percy and tastes just as good if not better. 39p a bag? Yes please! Tempted by other ludicrously expensive edible goods? No thank you, I don’t need my chicken wings wrapped in gold. Just Eric The Elephant and the regular foil wrapped chicken, thanks you Mr Sainsburys.   


So do you stick to the sweetie of the stars, Percy, or do you reach out and give Eric a shot?  Not really much competition here – you can buy 3 bags of Eric for £1 and or just one bag of Percy for the same price.  

I just ate three bags of elephants.  I feel explosively ill but have thoroughly enjoyed giving Percy the finger.