Man and Baby

What is with the lunar appeal of men with children? I don’t mean men who have children, I mean the sight of a man pushing a buggy or a little girl sitting on a young man’s knee. It is like a shot of vodka after alcohol free lent. Your legs go a little bit wobbily, your stomach gurgles and then you fall instantly in love. Or at least I do. I do not mean to be typically female, typically maternal or typically anything but I can’t be the only person who experiences this debilitating condition. It is embarrassing and unnecessary. 

I would like to clarify before delving further into Man et L’Enfant, that the man must be tall, muscular and painfully dashing…perhaps why I spend a lot of time in complete control of all my ‘ibitions.

I would like to blame someone for this.  Because taking responsibility is childish and boring.  I blame Spencer Rowell, Adam Perry and this:

This is the face of New Man.  So unstable appendages, dickie tummies and unrequited amour afoot, what can we do?  The answer is uncategorically nothing.  This picture represents exactly what we have on offer – alcoholic, broke nymphomaniacs.  New Man I salute you.  You are incredibly similar to Old Man, except that you are more open to getting your photo taken.  All I can say is we, lover’s of strong, sensitive men surrounded by children, are probably safe.