Write Away

Writing. Or typing. Typing my writing. I have dropped the playing by day and typing by night and simply type, more by day than night. I sleep at nights now. Mostly. It makes me… Continue reading

Bullet points

  How many bullet point lists can one person write? They always start off with a great intention: order my mind make me feel better demonstrate how much I have done simplify They… Continue reading

Seeking Adventure

When the walls are close and the comfort is high, get out. That comfort is claustrophobic. It is destructive and stifling. It makes eyes puffy and hearts tight. What will change? Nothing will… Continue reading


When your soul hurts.  The thin line of heart between trying and giving up.  Soul Pain.

Inevitable hero.

The last phone call was fun.  We laughed about things, I was on a ‘high’.  I giggled and he seemed to like the nonchalance of the occasion.  We smiled together and agreed to… Continue reading

That Moment.

Sometimes it hits you when you least expect it.  There is a trigger; something small and seemingly insignificant but one which strikes something inside.  Lifts it, tilts, it scrambles it, changes it in… Continue reading

The First Phone Call.

The first phone call comes. It’s clear but distant. The voice is the same, it doesn’t sound like war. It sounds futile and far away. Our conversation is stilted. I think on each phrase and he struggles… Continue reading


Ten days pass.  I want to follow norms and say it was like an age.  It wasn’t.  It was busy and I had lots to do.  When your boyfriend is in Afghanistan you… Continue reading

A Gem.

“I’ve found a deal.” She called later from the Computer Room.  It has it’s own name because originally it was the most noteworthy thing in it.  Traditionally perhaps ‘Library’ or ‘Study’, maybe even… Continue reading


That’s when the tears came.  Then they stopped.  I am not sure how much time really passed there.  I think it was minutes.  The rest of the hours were passed in anticipation of… Continue reading